Stephen Fry has made a myth-busting video about Trump, Brexit and the far-right and it's perfect

Stephen Fry has made a myth-busting video about Trump, Brexit and the far-right and it's perfect

When reason and facts are in short supply, you can usually count on Stephen Fry to come to the rescue.

After Fry’s incredible 11-minute myth-busting Brexit video went viral last year, he’s back to set the record straight on other issues, from terrorism to immigration.

His newest video, "May & Trump vs Truth", shatters various myths peddled by conservative politicians, Trump and the far-right.

First the video displays data which suggests that the spike in hate crimes, which was seen in the UK after the Brexit vote, is similar to after some terrorist attacks.

This pattern was repeated after the election of president Trump across the pond, where data also suggests a parallel between Trump’s inflammatory tweets and violent attacks.

Next, Fry turned his sights to the NHS. It turns out that, unlike politicians, doctors and nurses are among the most trusted professions in the UK, but are suffering as a result of Brexit.

Fry moves on to immigration, presenting data which reveals a correlation between high immigration and low crime.

In fact, people have more chance of being killed by an asteroid than killed by a foreign terrorist.

Still, far right hate crime and terrorism are both on the rise in America.

Fry explains that inequality, not immigrants, cost the UK £39bn a year, factoring in prison costs, unemployment, crime and health inequalities.

Next Fry turned towards Trump’s tax reform, revealing that, rather than a tax break for ordinary Americans, the tax cut instead went to the 1 per cent. He says:

This isn’t tax reform, this is a money grab.

Fry also uncovered a link between education and nationalism, with 98 per cent of UKIP voters having a “limited education”.

He also questioned the narrative that the UK needs to “take back control” when it voted for 95 per cent of EU laws.

Though, thankfully, Fry ends on a positive note, saying that attitudes towards immigration are becoming more positive across the pond, even among Republicans.

Watch the full video here:

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