In a time of uncertainty and "alternative facts", it's good that we always have Stephen Fry to look to for guidance.

Fry has become known for his incredible myth-busting videos which dissect popular political myths by providing viewers with the facts. His latest video takes aim at Brexit and explains perfectly why we need a Final Say referendum on the PM's Brexit deal.

Fry starts by picking apart popular lies relating to "EU law". He says:

99 per cent of UK public expenditure is determined by the UK government. The UK controls laws relating to education, marriage, divorce and the NHS.

He then explains that, in relation to immigration, EU nationals make up a small percentage of migration figures. Immigrants from within the EU are the most valuable for the UK’s economy, so it’s unlikely the government will vastly reduce these numbers.

Fry says that the EU works on projects which require cooperation, like tackling tax evasion.

The financial secrecy index recently stated that, if Britain’s network was assessed together, it’d be the most financially secretive place in the world.

Fry concludes by saying that British people have changed their mind, showing a poll of polls which proves that there has been a small shift towards Remain over the last 18 months.

Watch the whole video here.

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