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Stephen King is the undisputed King of Horror, and his creepy stories have dominated the genre for decades.

Well, he jumped on Twitter to let his readers know that he still has it.

The 71-year-old has quite the Twitter presence and often weighs in on political issues - recently, he called Trump "an “a**hole who can’t spell" as well as providing excellent book recommendations.

Recently, he took his literary prowess to the social networking platform and shared a tiny, 215 character story.

And it’s pretty terrifying, to be honest.

“Want a little bedtime story?” he began.

My friend felt he had a hair caught between his eye and his glasses. He couldn't get rid of it, so he looked in the mirror. A tick was crawling on his eyeball. Nighty-night, sleep well.

Needless to say, the story freaked people out.

And got them paranoid over an itchy eye.

Others wondered what possessed them to read beyond "What a little bedtime story?" knowing it's, you know, Stephen King.

Just... no.

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