Stephen King just eviscerated Trump and summed up how people all over the world are feeling right now

Stephen King is known for his ability to craft iconic horror stories.

Though for the last 4 years, the US has been enduring a scary story of its own featuring a certain Donald J. Trump.

But now it appears that this particular story is reaching its conclusion, with Joe Biden convincingly beating Trump in the US election.

King has made no secret of his disdain for Trump throughout his presidency. In fact, there’s an endless list of his iconic takedowns of the president. And he also has the unique accolade of having virtually predicted the Trump presidency in his book The Dead Zone.

Having signed off Twitter for the election, King is back and once again telling it like it is.

In a string of tweets, he summed up the mood of Biden supporters in the US and across the world in his characteristically colourful way...

Stephen King for president 2024?

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