Stephen King trolls Trump over leaked phone call demanding the election be overturned
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Stephen King hilariously trolled Trump with an It meme.

The horror writer poked fun at the president’s unproven but oft-repeated claim that he lost out on a second term because of voter fraud.

Trump’s obsession with ballots, and particularly mail-in ballots, predates the election. He first tried to convince his supporters, and then the courts, that the result was rigged against him because phony votes were entered into the process. Most of his legal challenges were thrown out.

The president has lately been directing his attention to Georgia, whose state run-offs are underway. This is a crucial election because it will determine the balance of power in the Senate.

If the Republican candidates lose and their party becomes a minority, it will be far easier for the Democrats to overturn Trump era legislation.

Trump falsely claimed that “thousand and thousands” of unofficial ballots were counted in Georgia while others were illegally shredded.

He was also caught urging Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger to “find 11,780 votes” to help him overturn his loss. Raffensperger refused and a recording of their conversation was made public by the Washington Post.

This is referenced in the meme King posted.

For context, Pennywise – the clown in the gutter – is a King character from his 1986 horror novel It.

During this scene from a ‘90s TV adaptation, Pennywise attempts to lure a child down to his doom with the promise of a balloon.

It’s a fairly popular meme format and aptly implies that Trump would risk anything for those extra votes.

King is by no means a stranger to trolling Trump online. In fact, he’s even claimed that Trump is “scarier” than his books.

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