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The Conservative MP Steve Baker has taken to Twitter to quote Satan in a bizarre tweet about the party conference currently taking place in Manchester.

I give not Heaven for lost: from this descent celestial virtues rising will appear more glorious and more dread than from no fall, and trust themselves to fear no second fate.

The lines come from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, an epic poem concerning the Fall of Man.

In this section, narrated by Satan, the devil is insisting that he will regain his place and heaven and that it will be all the sweeter for having descended to hell.

He concludes by suggesting he will not fear a repeat descent once he has returned to heaven.

Baker is almost certainly referencing Brexit and the idea that we might have a second referendum but it was probably ill-advised to make the point by quoting Beelzebub directly.

For some inexplicable reason, the quote was accompanied by a Soundgarden song from the Avengers Assemble soundtrack and a picture of Baker and company at the conference.

As you can imagine this curious tweet has generated a lot of response from people who are pretty baffled about why he would make such a reference given the government's current popularity.

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