Steve Bannon and Erik Prince celebrate Russia for being 'anti-woke'

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon called Fox News "TV for stupid people" - and he might be on to something.

On Thursday, Bannon took to his podcast, War Room: Pandemic, to address the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its coverage.

He first took a moment to praise Fox News host Jesse Watters for being on the "side of the angels" alongside Tucker Carlson because they've both now spoken out against providing aid to Ukraine.

"The biggest development overnight was Jesse Watters is now on the side of the angels with Tucker Carlson, the War Room,," Bannon said.

"People who understand and can look at the world in a dispassionate way when you're talking about lives, you're talking about kinetic war, you're talking about economic war. This is very serious."

Bannon continued: I just want to make an observation to Jesse, who has done such an incredible job and now obviously, following the great Tucker Carlson, so Fox now has two—Fox, which is the home of stupid TV or TV for stupid people—and if you watch it, hey, sorry. It's just all day long ridiculous."

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Before the segment came to a close, Bannon praised Watters and Carlson again.

"They've got a power block now on Fox: Watters and Tucker back-to-back. It's going to be very important. That's a pivot point," he said, in part.

Steve Bannon says Fox News is 'TV for stupid people'

Some people on Twitter agreed with Bannon, but some believed that he was already aware that the network was for "stupid people."

"He did not think this about Fox News just now. He has known that they are TV for stupid people aka Donald Trump," one wrote.

"Well, here is the first time I actually agree with Bannon. Faux IS for ignorant people who are easily susceptible to being taken," another added.

A third simply wrote: "He's not wrong--but they've always been that."

Sure, Bannon might have a point about Fox News. For one, Carlson had asked, "Who's siding with Putin?" three years after he said that he was "rooting for Russia" when tensions with Ukraine began to arise, which seems like a backpedal.

There's also the incident with Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, who was called "an unbelievable idiot" by historians and journalists after accidentally implying that Trump tried to bribe Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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