Steve Irwin's family have saved 90,000 animals including many hurt in Australia's wildfires

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / Nathan Edwards / Getty Images

Steve Irwin's family are caring for some of the animals hurt by the Australian bush fires that have killed up to half a billion creatures.

Bindi Irwin and others at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital have now saved over 90,000 animals including koalas, possums and flying squirrels.

She celebrated the milestone on Instagram, noting that she and her family are safe and concentrating their efforts on helping as many animals as possible hurt by the devastating fires.

The zoo was founded in 2002 by Steve and Terri Irwin to protect threatened wildlife and has treated tens of thousands of animals in Australia.

One recent patient was Blossom the Possum, who sadly died after being caught in the bushfires in Queensland.

Many grey-headed foxes have also been admitted to the hospital as a result of the fires as their habitats are in danger of burning down.

This koala, who was admitted the hospital over Christmas, is ridiculously adorable.

People love the wholesomeness of the animal rescue mission.

Steve Irwin's legacy is definitely safe with his kids.

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