A man is writing 'Stop Brexit' across Europe with a van and GPS

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 08 August 2018 13:30
Picture:(The Rogue Consultant)

If you're a Remainer who composes a #StopBrexit tweet, kicks back and says 'well, that's my protesting done for the day', it's time to feel guilty.

Andy Pardy, aka The Rogue Consultant, packed in his job, bought a van and is now spending the summer scrawling 'STOP BREXIT' across Europe via GPS.

Simpler and faster than the Brexit negotiations, at least.

Pardy told The New European that the idea came to him when tracking his running progress on a fitness app.

With that, the 28-year-old was set on his epic journey across 32 European countries and he's well on his way.

He's completed 'S' already, starting in Loch Lomond and snaking their way through Ireland, Wales and Cornwall.

Picture: The Rogue Consultant(The Rogue Consultant)

He even got to enjoy some gorgeous sites along the way.

Picture: At the finish line, after completing 'S'(The Rogue Consultant)

'T' came next, taking them to Snasa, Norway, through 7 national borders and over 3000km.

Picture: The Rogue Consultant(The Rogue Consultant)
Picture: Enjoying having completed two-thirds of the 'T'. Next up, a return to Farnrem to form the meeting point of the T.(The Rogue Consultant)
Picture: The Rogue Consultant 

'O' - which they have just completed - took them into the Arctic circle, east into Sweden and back into Norway.

Picture: The Rogue Consultant(The Rogue Consultant)
Picture: The Rogue Consultant (The Rogue Consultant)

You can track his progress on his website, Twitter and Instagram.

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