In case you live in the UK and you've not been outside today, we can inform you that it is quite windy.

Storm Ali is currently battering the UK and Ireland with the Met Office already declaring it a 'major incident' and a 'danger to life'.

Gusts of wind have reached 91mph in areas and a woman in her 50s has died after her caravan was blown off a cliff in Co Galway, Ireland.

Given the variety, in weather, we have experienced in the UK this year it's easy to take the elements for granted and go about your day as if normal.

That's probably easy for us office dwellers to say but spare a thought for this chap in Poppintree, Ireland, who had been tasked with clearing up the fallen leaves.

Poor chap. Just trying to do his job. Blighted by the elements who mock our insignificance and meagre tools.

Unconfirmed reports cannot confirm whether this is the same leaf blower enduring the storm, perhaps against his better judgment.

Elsewhere, Storm Ali is causing all sorts of trouble around the UK and Ireland and it doesn't look like it's going to relent anytime soon.

In situations like this, it's not always appropriate to make jokes but as Jeff Goldblum once said: "Life finds a way."

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