A lifeboat has narrowly avoided being capsized by intense waves caused by Storm Ciara while on a rescue mission off the coast of Sussex.

The dramatic footage was reportedly captured by onlooker Paul Hogg and sees the boat almost completely tip over before a timely breaker hits the other side of the boat returning it to an upright position.

According to the RNLI none of the volunteers from Hastings were hurt during the incident and managed to retrieve the surfer they were rescuing and returned to shore safely.

Although the surfer managed to come away from the moment unscathed, people have been critical of the man, who was seen attempting to catch the waves in 92mph gales as Storm Ciara battered the UK on Sunday afternoon.

Storm Ciara has so far left more than 20,000 homes without power, as some areas experienced a month and a half of rainfall in a day.

In the wake of the storm parts of the country are expected to be hit by blizzards and 20 centimetres of snow.

HT Daily Mail

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