People had sassy but true responses to ‘what are doing with saved money from student loans’

The Supreme Court is Set to Begin Hearing Cases Regarding Biden’s Student …

Student loan borrowers revealed what they’re doing with their money while payments are paused, proving how essential that income is.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court began hearing arguments in two cases challenging President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan which aimed to eradicate $400 billion in student debt.

Should the Court side with Biden, the legislation would cancel up to $20,000 in federal loans for individuals making under $125,000 per year.

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And it would be immensely helpful to the people who entered college or university already at a financial disadvantage.

However, Republicans and those skeptical of the plan believe it was unfair, and unlawful, of Biden to simply cancel the debt.

So on Twitter, people shared what they’ve done with the money they’ve “saved” while student loan payments are on pause, exemplifying how the legislation alleviates stress in their lives.

Many pointed out that the money not going toward student loans just helps people meet their basic needs like paying rent or a mortgage, buying food, paying bills, and more.

Others indicated they were using the pause on federal student loan payments to pay their private student loans.

Six states, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, and South Carolina, as well as two individuals, have brought their cases to the Court.

The case involving the states asks whether or not the program overstepped Congress' authority.

The case brought by two individuals named Myra Brown and Alexander Taylor asks whether borrowers were denied opportunities to receive the full $20,000 because the Biden administration did not follow proper protocol.

Conservative Justices, who make up a majority of the Court at the moment, are expected to question the program's legality.

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