This stray dog has been going to Subway every day for a year begging for food

Darren Richman
Friday 17 January 2020 12:30

A stray dog has charmed the online community by visiting Subway “every night for a year” in order to get an evening meal.

The canine, nicknamed “Subway Sally”, has become legendary after a Subway worker shared a series of videos of the loveable pup on TikTok. In the footage, Giovanni Luhman told his followers she’s not the only stray in the vicinity:

I live in a very poor town, and more often than not, people can't pay for pet food.

The video was shared on Twitter with the words, “Not to be dramatic but I would die for Subway Sally”.

Many other tweeters were similarly delighted, not least after Luhman told CBS News he’d been inspired to start a local pet food drive “to help low income families in hopes that their pets won't end up on the streets because they can't be taken care of.”

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