A woman complained that Subway took too long to make her 63 foot-long sandwiches and Twitter was confused

Sophia Ankel
Sunday 26 May 2019 08:15

A one-star review going viral on Twitter is one of the most unreasonable things you will see today.

Someone shared a screenshot of a woman complaining about a Subway outlet because when she made a last-minute order to get 63 foot-long sandwiches for her grandson's Confirmation party, the wait was "too long" and the employee seemed "really annoyed".

We get it, sometimes take-away food is bad or gets cold quickly but complaining about how long it took to make not one, but 63 foot-long sub sandwiches just seems pretty ridiculous.

Twitter seemed to agree, with some people even saying that Leo's suggestion that we should be allowed at least one "fight a customer a year" card was a good idea.

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