QAnon followers’ Suez Canal theory is beyond bonkers

<p>The Ever Given blocked the important trade route The Suez Canal for six days causing Qanon into overdrive for explanations</p>

The Ever Given blocked the important trade route The Suez Canal for six days causing Qanon into overdrive for explanations


The Ever Given might be on the move again and the memes may have stopped - but sadly the minds of QAnon followers are churning out nonsense, with followers now floating the unhinged idea that it used to transport sex slaves for top Democrats.

While the rest of us where entertained by the Suez Canal fiasco, some where coming up with more sinister interpretations of the large boat blocking the most important global trade short cut.

In the newest installment of the Fever Dreams podcast, Will Sommer, a Daily Beast reporter, said that the conspiracy theorists that he follows are connecting the name of the ship ‘Ever Given’, its operator Evergreen Marine Corporation and Rodham Clinton’s Secret Service codename being “Evergreen”, apparently.

“So they were like, ‘Maybe the boat was trafficking something on behalf of Hillary Clinton, maybe the captain ran it aground as a signal.” Sommer told co-host Asawin Suebsaeng, “There’s always grist in the mill that these people can draw on”

Sommers recounted how some fans of the alt-right conspiracy suggested ideas for “saving” the boat because they believed the cargo included kidnapped children.

However, when the boat was freed, and we all had to back to a world with no Suez canal memes, the Q members will probably come up with something new.

“So much of conspiracy theories is believing that there isn’t this random world where, I don’t know, a boat got trapped, but it’s all part of the grand plan,” Sommer added.

QAnon took hold on some alt-right forums following regular information drops made online by “Q”, supposedly a deep-cover agent working at the heart of Washington, DC, to expose the alleged clan of cannibalistic child traffickers.

Many suspect that instead of being a modern-day Deep Throat, Q is actually a guy with time on his hands.

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