Un barco se dirige hacia el Canal de Suez, en Ismalia, Egipto
Un barco se dirige hacia el Canal de Suez, en Ismalia, Egipto

One of the workmen responsible for dislodging the stricken vessel Ever Given from the Suez Canal, has finally received the overtime he deserves.

Abdullah Abdul-Gawad was operating a digger that shifted rock and sand in an attempt to free the large cargo ship that became stuck in March.

Images reveal the subcontractor working tirelessly to dislodge the ship, despite operating on only three hours of sleep while he and his colleagues worked 21-hour days. Talk about going above and beyond.

However, despite his efforts, Abdul-Gawad claimed he hadn’t been compensated accordingly. Thankfully, and rightly so, officials have confirmed Abdul-Gawad has finally received payment.

Abdul-Gawad and his digger

Last month, the Japanese-owned cargo ship, Ever Given, became diagonally stuck in the Suez Canal for six days - hindering cargo routes and generating a tidal wave of memes. In order to approach the base of the ship, Abdul-Gawad told Business Insider he had to build a makeshift “bridge” from rubble he dug up, in order for him to get closer.

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In addition, Abdul-Gawad said the entire situation was far less funny than social media would have you believe.

“The thing is, I was terrified that the ship might list too far to one side or the other,” he said. “Because if it fell onto its side on me, then it’s goodbye me, and goodbye excavator.”

On April 7., Egyptian authorities seized the massive cargo ship, after a specialized dredger boat called the Mashhour was deployed.

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