Woman invites every guy she’s matched with on Hinge to the same date

Woman invites every guy she’s matched with on Hinge to the same date

Imagine if we were still living in a time where you needed a chaperone in order to date.

Then imagine if you turned up at a date to find not only a chaperone there but also 16 other potential suitors. (It all sounds a bit Bridgerton, doesn’t it?)

That’s what happened to TikTok user Pea Kay, from London, who documented his unorthodox first encounter with a woman he met via the app Hinge.

Kay filmed the start of the bizarre evening, titling the recording ‘When you go on a date and she invited 16 guys’.

The video shows him standing in a pub garden as he explains to his followers: “As you guys know I am pretty bad at dating, but I actually decided to go on a date, which I haven’t done in like a year, and this is what happened. This is not a joke by the way.”

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Clarifying that he thought it would be a one-on-one thing, he then introduces the woman’s friend, who tells the camera: “I’m the friend, I was forced to be here,” before turning to “the date who arrived before him”.

“So that’s the second person on the date,” he continues before panning to “person number three”.

Kay introduced the friend (left) and date number two

He then zooms in on the woman who organised the surprise get together (who, by the way, appears to be wearing almost the exact same outfit as him).

Addressing her guests, she admits: "I invited everyone that I matched with on Hinge, so here you are. I hope you get along."

The woman explained that she’d invited everyone she’d matched with on Hinge to the soiree

The date-count eventually ended up at a grand total of 17, including Kay.

The clip, uploaded on Sunday, has been viewed more than 260,000 times with scores of fellow TikTokers hitting out at the woman’s “arrogance and disrespect”.

One user commented: “Doing this as a ‘quirky surprise’ is so incredibly insensitive to others’ time and feelings. Feels v narcissistic.”

Kay responded with a series of six follow-up messages setting out the context behind the unusual event.

He explained that things got off to a rocky start after he met the woman via the popular app two weeks before the fateful evening.

She was unimpressed by his first message – which he thought was very, very funny. It read: “Hey, congratulations on matching with Pea, this is a fantastic achievement and, if you don’t get any further don’t worry, you’ve done a great job.”

She then replied saying: “Sorry, I didn’t even mean to like you, it was a mistake.”

Then, after a series of odd exchanges on Hinge and later on Whatsapp, she eventually invited him out for a drink.

Kay confirmed that he wouldn’t go on another date with the woman

He then described the moment he arrived at the date: “I get there, and it’s her, her friend and a guy on the table and I was like, well, OK, this is not too bad - could have been worse,” adding that he assumed the other two were her friends.

He said the other man at the table initially claimed to be her “cousin” before informing him that he was actually just the first arrival of many.

“He said: ‘I’m just the first date, and you’re the second date’”. That’s when the “alarm bells started ringing,” Kay explained.

It then transpired that this was not destined to be a love triangle, but a whole 17-man love crowd.

Despite the bizarre “DIY Bachelorette” nature of the soiree (as one TikToker described it), Kay explained that he was getting on with the woman and thought he had a “good shot”.

However, he was informed that she had already kissed another one of her matches – a man whom Kay had assessed as not being a threat.

The series of videos ended with Kay answering the question: “Are you going to go on another date with her.”

“No,” he replied. “If I had any self-respect I would have left at that first moment I knew that this was basically some f***ed up dating situation.

“But being locked up for a year I kind of embraced the whole situation. So then even after all this s*** and the weirdest night of my entire life – or thereabouts – the next day I was texting her. Like wtf is wrong with me. Who does that?”

“And then, um, yeah, she didn’t reply. So now we’re back to the situation we started in where you completely ignore them and delete their number and never think about them again until I make a six-part story on TikTok…”

Assessing his success during the date, he added: “I think I came second to that guy who I didn’t think was a threat but was.”

Well, Kay may not have been lucky in love with that woman, but given all the attention his story’s received we’re pretty sure he’s now received a few more offers.

Good luck to him.

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