Sydney bar named a drink ‘To-Kill-Her’ - and people can't quite believe it

Sydney bar named a drink ‘To-Kill-Her’ - and people can't quite believe it

A bar in Sydney is facing criticism after giving a drink the name ‘To-Kill-Her.’

The drink, from a bar in Coogee called Little Jack Horner, is made with lemon, orange, Cointreau, grapefruit bitters and Don Julio tequila.

Angry customers took to the bar’s Facebook page to express their ire at the name, which many deemed offensive to women. Kristy Marshall wrote:

Incredibly offensive cocktail name 'To Kill Her’ – SERIOUSLY?! The rates of domestic violence in Australia is horrifying and things like this are part of the problem. Suggest you guys get onto changing it ASAP.

A review on the bar’s page added: “Honestly? Not good enough guys. Please change this urgently…it’s completely inappropriate and quite disturbing.”

Reviewer Jack Horner wasn't happy about the name either:

Guys your cocktail name To Kill Her seems highly inappropriate with the state of the world and women dying every day at the hands of abusive partners.

However, others thought people were making a big deal out of nothing.

Rick C. Chandler “C'mon! It's a play on the word tequila,” Rick Chandler wrote on Facebook. “If they'd found a way to say to-kill-a-man, would you be so up in arms? And yes, domestic violence is horrible everywhere!”

According to Yahoo, the bar listened to its critics, and renamed the drink To Love Her.


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