This Syrian boy has explained what many don't understand about the refugee crisis

Louis Dor
Friday 04 September 2015 09:30
(Photo: Al-Jazeera

An interview with a 13-year-old Syrian refugee is being widely shared on Facebook.

Al Jazeera interviewed Kinan Masalmeh in Budapest, Hungary, where he eloquently summed up what many people don't realise about the Syrian civil war.

Kinan, who reportedly escaped the city of Deraa with his sister, told the network:

Please help the Syrians. The Syrians need help now, just stop the war. We don’t want to stay in Europe, just stop the war.

The police don’t like the Syrians in Serbia, in Hungary, in Macedonia, in Greece.

A 13-Year-Old Syrian's Message to Europe

"Please help the Syrians... The Syrians need help now. Just stop the war. We don't want to stay in Europe, just stop the war."We first met 13-year-old Syrian refugee Kinan Masalmeh in the Hungarian border town of Szeged last week. Outside Budapest's main international railway station, we found him among the hundred of refugees who have been stranded for a second day as authorities continue to block them from travelling to other countries.

Posted by Al Jazeera English on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hundreds of refugees have protested for two days at Budapest's railway station, where they have been stopped from travelling to other European countries.

In the UK, a parliamentary petition to accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugees in the UK has rapidly exceeded 200,000 signatures, meaning that the government will be forced to issue a response.

The petition states:

There is a global refugee crisis. The UK is not offering proportional asylum in comparison with European counterparts.

We can't allow refugees who have risked their lives to escape horrendous conflict and violence to be left living in dire, unsafe and inhumane conditions in Europe. We must help.

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