Teacher receives touching present from Christmas student ‘with nothing to give’

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A primary school teacher in Washington received an extra-special Christmas present from one of her students - but it probably wasn’t what you might expect.

While Rachel Uretsky-Pratt received a number of gifts from her students including chocolate, handmade notes and jewellery, it was a bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows that stood out to her the most.

In a Facebook post, Uretsky-Pratt explained that all of the children at her school are on free or reduced meals.

But the child who gave her the Lucky Charm marshmallows was determined to give her teacher a present, despite how little she had.

Uretsky-Pratt wrote:

This kiddo wanted to get my something so badly, but had nothing to give.

So rather than give me nothing, this student opened up her free breakfast cereal this morning, took the packaging of her spork, straw, and napkin, and finally took the time to take every marshmallow out of her cereal to put in a bag—for me. 

Be grateful for what you have, and what others give you. It all truly comes from the deepest parts of their hearts. 

The post has been shared on Facebook more than 300,000 times and many people commented to say they were touched by Uretsky-Pratt's post.

Laura Christine wrote:

As a mother of 4, I know how precious these marshmallows are to children. What a sweet gift to treasure always.

Sally Medak Davis wrote:

I also work in a school with the same demographics. That would be the best gift ever! Plus it was the marshmallows! Kids don’t give those up easily. Teachers make a difference

Excuse us over here.

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