This teacher perfectly responded to Jake Paul's teacher diss track

YouTube screengrab

A teacher from Texas has responded to YouTuber Jake Paul’s diss track for Teacher Appreciation Week.

And it’s epic tbh.

Matt Preston, who goes by ‘m.a. double’, told BuzzFeed News that when he saw the music video, which features a number of YouTubers including the controversial Lil Tay, he “thought it was a teacher tribute song”.

Instead, Logan Paul’s younger brother launched into a rap-tirade about teachers.

It included bars such as:

Why don’t you tell us some s**t that we’re actually going to use in our real lives?

My teachers never liked me one bit

They said I wouldn’t amount to be s**t

My teachers never taught me that.

Preston, who is a special education inclusion teacher in Hawley High School in Texas, said the video “got to [him]”.

So, he had to prepare a diss track.

As soon as I heard his song, it was kind of instinct in me. I just knew I had to respond.

The Duppy-style diss track starts with m.a. double watching Paul’s video in school.

Because he’s about to get schooled. Get it?

(YouTube screengrab )

m.a. double hands down won.

I don’t see Jake Paul in the hallway

I don’t see him in the stands at their ball games

But I’m here like everyday bro

So how you gonna diss me with that Disney Channel flow?

You can watch the entire diss track here:

Paul, you want some Aloe Vera for that burn?

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