Ted Cruz trolled with a mariachi band outside his house following Cancun trip backlash
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Ted Cruz is facing a less than welcoming response to his return back to Texas, with one of his neighbours hiring a Mexican mariachi band to play outside of his home.

The band joined a number of protesters reeling after his departure to Cancun last week, in the thick of severe weather storm power outages across the state.

It appears as though the band were hired by Bryan Hlavinka, who thanked them via Facebook later that day.

At present it is unclear whether Cruz was at home at the time but the performance made for unusual viewing, to say the least.

Many Texans have found creative ways to protest theirsenator’s inaction over the week, from distributing ‘Missing Person’ leaflets to hiring trucks adorning the slogan: “Texans froze. Ted fled.”

While some Trump-aligned pundits argued there was little Cruz could have done to help those in need, many Democrats proved otherwise by arranging fundraising and the delivery of essential supplies as many Texans were left boiling snow or sleeping in cars for water and warmth.

The Miriachi Mi Mexico group were hired to perform outside Senator Cruz’s house last weekend.

A full video was also shared by Brian via Youtube.

Upon his abrupt return to the US Cruz had argued the trip was an attempt to take care of his children. Leaked group chat messages from his wife Heidi Cruz have suggested the it was always intended as a holiday, right when Texas needed him to step up as their elected representative.

The internet has been divided on whether this is the most effective way to get the message across. Some people reckon it was a comical way to communicate how hurt people are.

Others from all ends of the political spectrum thought targeting any politician’s address is a step too far.

As Texas suffers from the fallout of almost a week with no power, you can expect resistance to #CancunCruz to continue for quite some time.

No matter how many ill-timed stunts he pulls.

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