Ted Heath was asexual, according to his closest female friend

James Hanning
Sunday 16 August 2015 10:00

One of former Prime Minister Edward Heath's closest friends has come to his defence following the news that at least seven police forces are looking into claims that he was a paedophile.

Sara Morrison, often described as his closest female friend, has endorsed the view of another friend, former Cabinet Secretary Lord Armstrong, and of Heath’s biographer Philip Ziegler, that Heath, who died in 2005, had no interest in sex.

“I am mystified as to why this has all come up now, and from such diverse police forces, and am confident there is no substance to any of it,” says Mrs Morrison. “Ted was simply not a sexual being, simply not interested.” Mrs Morrison said she used to discuss with a friend if anybody could entirely lack sexual feeling, which her friend doubted.

I later asked Ted and he effectively said that he was sexless. I forget the actual term he used, but in saying that he seemed to be stating something we both knew didn’t need saying.

A number of Heath’s defenders have criticised the police decision to speak outside Heath’s home, arguably giving the impression of it being a crime scene.

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