This teen met her doppelgänger. And the weirdness didn't stop there

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 07 January 2017 12:45
Picture:(Twitter / @santanaa_g)

Last September, in a very unlikely collision of circumstances, 17-year-old Santana Gutierrez walked past a girl in a mall who looked a lot like her.

Gutierrez told BuzzFeed she didn't usually go to the Fashion Valley Mall, but had to visit the Apple store there.

Her doppelgänger​ was working for Save the Children, and approached her to talk about the charity. They both saw their similarities, and posed for a picture together.

After Gutierrez tweeted it, someone replied and said her friend looked just like her, too.

And the resemblance is just weird.

Then it all got out of hand and three more of her long-lost twins came forward:

Gutierrez told BuzzFeed:

It would be so funny for all of us to meet one day to see each other in person.

Funny, but also terrifying.

The official account of BBC series Orphan Black also go in on the phenomenon, offering the girls clone phones.

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