Texas man racially abused fast food worker because she wouldn't accept his free burger coupon

Lupita Rangel / Facebook

Another video of a white man launching into a shocking racially abusive tirade in America has emerged.

The footage shows a man racially abusing a woman who works in the burger joint Jack in the Box on Highway 6 and 288 in Manvel, Texas.

The video was posted to Facebook by Lupita Rangel, with the caption: "Never thought I'd experience racism so close!" Since it was posted, it's been watched over 82,000 times.

In the video, a white man can be heard telling a woman to "buy a bus ticket back to wherever you came from".

The rant seems to have been started because the restaurant worker didn't accept a coupon for a free burger.

The manager of the restaurant then approaches, and asks the man what his problem is. The white man leans in to speak to the manager, and says that the woman told her son "no", and then "lied her ass off.".

After arguing with the manager, he then launches into another racist tirade:

Hey you're going to get fired. What's your name? Bye bye Maria, you're going to get fired. Goodbye Maria, I'll buy you a ticket back to Mexico.

The man then walks out of the restaurant accompanied by his son.

The incident comes hot on the heels of another racist rant that took place in Manhattan, New York.

A lawyer launched into a rant because some people were talking in Spanish in a restaurant in Midtown, Manhattan.

Upon hearing a customer and a member of staff talking in Spanish, he threatened to call ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to have them removed from the States.

In response to the tirade, which went viral after it was posted to Facebook, people sent a mariachi band to play outside the lawyer's apartment, a Congressman filed a formal complaint to the state court's disciplinary committee, and his private law firm was evicted from its apartment building.

indy100 has contacted Jack in the Box for comment.

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