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After a lawyer launched into a racist rant in a restaurant in Manhattan when he heard people speaking Spanish, activists sent a mariachi band and taco truck to his house.

On 15 May, Aaron Schlossberg launched into a 'racist' rant in a restaurant in midtown Manhattan because some customers and staff were speaking Spanish, a Facebook video of the altercation went viral, clocking up more than 6 million views.

On 16 May, social justice group Millennials for Revolution set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to send a mariachi band and taco truck to Aaron Schlossberg's $1.2 million New York apartment.

On 18 May, it actually happened.

Josh Einiger of ABC 7 broadcast the serenade on Facebook Live:

Before the event kicked off, police stationed themselves outside Schlossberg's Upper West Side apartment, in anticipation of the festivities.

According to the New York Post, more than 100 people showed up to protest his 'racism' and 'ignorance' with 'happiness' and 'festive music'. They also chanted 'Ole, Ole! Throw him out!'

Alongside the protesters was the main event, Tapatio de Alvaro Paulino Mariachi, a five-man Mariachi band dressed in silver and black suits, who played music on trumpets, guitars and a violin.

One band member, Alvaro Paulino, said:

I support my fellow immigrants. My family are immigrants.

The crowd enthusiastically sang along with the band outside the lawyer's $1.2 million apartment.

Speaking to The Post, Chris Thompson, 40, an electrical engineer, said:

We're basically clapping back at this fool. [It's] ridiculous! This is a multilingual city. He should expect to hear different languages.

Free duck and plum sauce tacos were also donated by Jade Sixty, and Upper East Side Asian steakhouse.

Other social media users posted footage of the joyful event:

Others were keen to express how the event was set up to counter 'bigotry' and 'racism', and 'hatred':

After the rant went viral, Schlossberg's law firm was evicted from its building. A Congressman also lodged an official complaint, commenting that the lawyer's behaviour was a 'humiliating and insulting attack on the more than 50 years of progress that this nation has made since the Civil Rights movement.'

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