That awkward moment when you don't wear a suit to work and the president's there

When Lance Futch was told by his work last week that he'd be attending an audience with a senior federal government official to discuss post-military careers he thought nothing of it, and turned up wearing his normal attire of a crumpled white polo shirt.

But then the federal official turned out to be Barack Obama, and the audience actually turned out to be a roundtable discussion on getting veterans involved in the solar energy industry that he was directly involved in - one seat away from the president - and also featuring Utah senator Orrin Hatch, Congressman Rob Bishop and Salk Lake City mayor Ralph Becker.

"I was told that it was going to be an informal event - that it was going to be business casual," the 26-year-old, a member of the Utah Air National Guard, said.

"If I had known it was my Commander-in-Chief, I definitely would have been wearing my blues [uniform]."

Despite the initial embarrassment, Futch said the experience of meeting Obama was "amazing".

On his contribution to the roundtable, he relayed telling the president that solar energy was a good career option for people who had left the military.

"We're always going to have a sun," Futch said he had told Obama.

Well played, Lance, well played.

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