The White House is openly trolling Benjamin Netanyahu

Earlier this month a major breakthrough was reached between Iran and the six major world powers over Iran's nuclear programme.

After 18 months of talks, it was announced that enough progress had been made to lay out a framework for a future agreement lasting ten years.

US president Barack Obama hailed the progress made while in Tehran people took to the streets to celebrate.

But arguably the centrepiece of the US president's second administration's foreign policy has been beset by criticism from Republicans and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who made a controversial speech to Congress as the Iran talks entered a crucial stage.

The Obama administration has had a fractured relationship with Netanyahu and strongly rebuked him for remarks made on the eve of the Israeli general election.

Now, it's emerged that the White House is openly mocking Netanyahu, who famously appeared before the UN in 2012 to literally draw a red line on a crude chart of an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Meanwhile, if you were to visit the White House's dedicated microsite to the Iran nuclear framework, you would be presented with this graphic.

Well played...

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