As French supermarkets are banned from throwing out unsold produce, here's the food the UK wastes most

Supermarkets in France have been banned from throwing away or spoiling unsold food.

Stores will now have to donate all 'waste' to local food banks and charities, with failure to do so resulting in fines of up to 3750 Euros.

The action has highlighted the problem of wasted food in the West.

According to reports, Britain is among the worst countries in Europe when it comes to throwing away perfectly edible food.

On average, people in the UK waste somewhere between 80-110kg of usable vegetables, fruit and cereals each year, compared to just 40-60kg in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

According to research published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, which drew on studies from Defra and other national agencies, these are the 10 foods which get wasted the most:

Food for thought?

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