These are the 12 countries in the world you should visit, according to the man who's been to every single one of them

Norwegian Gunnar Garfors is the youngest person in the world to have travelled to every single country on Earth - a feat he managed just before his 37th birthday.

He took on the challenge as a bet, and didn't even have to quit his job - he worked from his laptop on the road.

Yeah, we know. We're jealous too.

The determined Norwegian finally completed his challenge by visiting the island nation of Cape Verde off the coast of West Africa in 2013.

Gunnar blogged and wrote a book about his travels and he's happy to share advice for other travellers. now he's revealed, to Business Insider, the top 12 countries he recommends people in search of adventure should visit.

But how many of Gunnar's top 12 have you been to, and where should you be packing your bags for?

HT Business Insider

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