Picture: Carl Court/Getty
Picture: Carl Court/Getty

Nigel Farage was the latest party leader to hang up his hat today, announcing his surprise resignation as leader of Ukip.

As the 48 per cent are emerging from the post-referendum darkness, they have taken to Twitter. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Here are the best tweets about Farage's news:

1. Farage's plan appears to be sound...

2. Very sound...

3. #IndependenceDayUKVersionKindOf

4. You most certainly have done your bit, Nige

5. Maybe Nigel doesn't know about EU holiday entitlements?

6. Nigel Farage walks into a bar joke

7. Sigh

8. And here's the obligatory Game of Thrones reference...

9. Some people don't believe it

10. There's this great analogy

11. STOP TRYING TO MAKE NHS FUNDING HAPPEN. It's not going to happen.

12. Hahahahahahaha

13. Oh puki, you say?

14. Farage's future career aspirations are contemplated

15. And this Twitter user knows if you want something hard enough, it will happen.

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