The 20 areas of the UK that cared the least about the EU referendum

Louis Dor
Friday 24 June 2016 13:00
Picture: Louis Doré/Carto DB

Of the 46,501,241-strong electorate, 72.2 per cent turned out to vote, the result of which has been the UK deciding to leave the European Union.

David Cameron has announced his resignation, and the pound has taken a pummelling - leading to the UK losing its status as the world's 5th largest economy to France.

The next prime minister will be elected by Tory party members by October, after a shortlist is chosen by MPs.

In short, we "took back control".

But where in the country were people most apathetic to the referendum?

Generally speaking, Northern Ireland, if you look at the map.

However, it was Glasgow, where turnout was the lowest in terms of the allocated voting areas.

You'll note most of the low turnout areas in the top 20 were sites of Remain victories.

Picture: Mary Turner/Getty Images

What a time to look at the utter state of the economy.

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