The unbearably awkward moment Angela Eagle realises all the journalists have already left her leadership bid launch

Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty
Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty

Home secretary and Remain campaigner Theresa May is set to take over the reins as prime minister later this week after Andrea Leadsom - her competitor for the keys to Number 10 - quit the leadership race.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, at the exact same time Leadsom announced she was standing down, ex-shadow business secretary Angela Eagle was launching her own leadership bid to oust Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party.

After completing her speech, Eagle eagerly dived into questions from the media.

Except, umm, there aren't any.

Because everyone was already racing back to London to report on Theresa May's imminent coronation as prime minister.

BBC? Anyone? No? OK... Robert Peston where are you?

The giggling from the room is hide-your-face-behind-a-cushion level cringe.

... Michael Crick...?

Someone off camera responds with a halfhearted 'Yes?' but doesn't follow up with a question.

....And Eagle gets to stand there nervously shifting from foot to foot.

What a time to try and become the leader of a British political party.

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