The chilling interview one of the Paris attackers gave to French TV

Cherif Kouachi (l), with his brother Said (r) (Picture: Handout)

As he was holed up in a siege situation yesterday afternoon, Cherif Kouachi - partly responsible for the deaths of 17 innocent people - was interviewed by French television.

In the interview with BFMTV's Igor Sahiri he sounded calm, lucid, and utterly convinced of the righteousness of his cause.

It is believed Mr Sahiri called the print works where the brothers had taken refuge and Chérif answered the phone - he shared the interview with police before it was broadcast after Kouachi and his brother were both killed.


I just want to tell you that we are defenders of the Prophet. I, Chérif Kouachi, was sent by al-Qaeda in Yemen. I was over there. I was financed by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki.

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