Overriding presumptions about the UK, according to a Chinese search engine, are that we are bald, we have a preoccupation about the weather and we don't like talking about the Opium War.

This is what Foreign Policy found when they used autocomplete results from Baidu, which is the largest search engine in China, to find out some of the underlying stereotypes behind queries about European countries.

By searching on the site with the query...

Why is/are/does [insert country]

...the search engine regurgitated autocompleted queries - showing some of the underlying stereotypes or perceptions behind searches.

For the full size image click here.

Some are results to factual queries, such as Belgium being called 'red devils' (more specifically their national football team), while others are perception-based, such as the UK being small yet strong.

There are also some fairly controversial results... which we're not going to comment on.

Searches about Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland produce results concerned with independence, the dominant topic for the British and Irish isles, which are diluted if you search for the UK as a whole.

For some reason, England and Wales were not included in the autocomplete results.

Some countries were too small or produced too few results to be included in Foreign Policy's research.

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