Among the trendy bars, pop-up restaurants and, yes, even cereal cafes, in London's hip East End, one social entrepreneur is hoping to open a coffee shop with a difference.

Julius Ibrahim, a final year student at UCL, is preparing for the launch of 'Second Shot' - a cafe that will not only serve great coffee, but also help London's homeless population find work.

“From the customer’s perspective we just want it to be a really strong independent café that serves really great coffee," Ibrahim explained to "But then also we do this really cool social impact stuff as well.”

Julius Ibrahim (Picture: Second Shot)

Ibrahim is hoping to raise £75,000 through an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign but is also in talks with other investors.

The idea is to make Second Shot "sustainable and scale-able" so that more shops can open in future and its impact can spread.

I think what’s important to me and the reason why I’m doing it is to have that social impact.

Whatever it is that we end up doing will be having that in the forefront of my mind and trying to make sure that it can make a big difference to homelessness in London.

  • Julius Ibrahim, speaking to
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