Everyone in Europe thinks Germany is the hardest working country... apart from Greece

Greece is in big trouble. The country became the first developed economy to ever miss a debt repayment to the IMF on Tuesday night.

After months of tense negotiations with its creditors a bailout from the eurozone looks increasingly unlikely and politicians across the continent are becoming more and more hostile towards the Syriza government.

While the root of Greece's turmoil is complicated, one of the accusations aimed at it is that its employment sector needs a severe overhaul.

While claims that "Greeks are lazy" can be written off with cold, hard statistics, perhaps the difference of opinion between the country and its European neighbours is most strikingly summed up by this table:

The Pew Research Center surveyed eight EU countries as part of its 2012 and 2013Global Attitudes surveys and found that they all assume Germans are the hardest working and most trustworthy, apart from Greeks who think Greeks are the hardest working and most trustworthy.

The research also found that Greeks are more likely to be named the least hard-working and least trustworthy...

And that Germans are more likely to be named the most arrogant and least compassionate...

While everyone pretty much thinks their own country is great...

But the Germans and British are putting in a fine effort to be recognised as the most compassionate (albeit they are also two of the most populous nations) judging by the donations to the crowdfunding campaign hoping to raise €1.6bn to bail out Greece, as featured on i100.co.uk on Tuesday morning.

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