The Greek debt crisis in numbers

The Greek debt crisis in numbers

European leaders are holding an emergency summit that could help break the deadlock around the Greek debt crisis.

There is a week to go until the deadline for Greece’s next debt repayment, owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). An agreement on Monday will allow time for a new bail-out package to be transferred. A last minute deal might be too late to get the money across in time.


The number of days Greece has to pay back €1.6 billion IMF repayment or default on its debts, risking an exit from the euro.

€1.6 billion

The debt repayment owed to the IMF by June 30 if Greece is to avoid a default that could result in its exit from the eurozone.

€7.2 billion

Aid package that Greece is fighting to get released, which would allow it to repay the IMF.

€4.2 billion

The amount reportedly withdrawn from Greek bank accounts last week as Greek savers start to worry about their money.


The members of the eurozone (countries that use the euro) that must agree on the Greek reforms before further money can be released.

175 per cent

The ratio of Greece’s debt to GDP. Such a high ratio means it cannot produce and trade goods or services without accruing more debt. The debt to GDP ratio of the UK is 90 per cent.

25 per cent

The unemployment rate, or the percentage of people looking for work but unable to get any.

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