The internet has a long memory and this anti-abortion group in Ireland is finding out the hard way

An Irish anti-Abortion group has again denied that one of its adverts was purposefully placed opposite a Rape Crisis Centre.

'Youth Defence' paid advertising company AdMobile to drive a billboard around Dublin three years ago, in advance of the bill that became the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013.

The advert on the roving billboard read:

The abortion bill won't make women safer it will just kill babies.

When it was spotted parked outside a Rape Crisis Centre located on Leeson Street near the city centre many expressed outraged and AdMobile decided to withdraw from its business with the pressure group.

Twitter users brought up the incident again this week.

Youth Defence responded, denying the allegation.

But then someone posted this:

In an exchange on Twitter, one user posted a link to this article in the Journal.

According to the Journal, Youth Defence denied that they had given instructions for the mobile advert to be parked opposite the Rape Crisis Centre. Clare Molloy told the Journal:

Youth Defence did not instruct the mobile ad to park anywhere on Leeson Street or on any other street for that matter

The controversy has re-emerged given the recent censorship of a mural which supported the 'Repeal the 8th' campaign.

There was anger from supporters of the campaign when a mural on Essex Street, in Temple Bar, was painted over. Campaigners have responded by creating impromptu images of the message 'Repeal the 8th'.

The painting over of the mural by Maser Art and sponsored by The HunReal Issues has generated a greater amount of publicity for the campaign than if it had remained untouched.

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