The internet loves this man gleefully playing Pokémon Go and so will you

Chase Levin has been amusing the internet, and himself, because of his enthusiasm for the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go.

Levin made a video in Irvine, California of himself running around outside reliving his childhood and excitedly approaching his neighbours to ask if any of them were also playing Pokémon Go. As he said in the caption accompanying the video:

Everyone was playing. EVERYONEEE

Those who were playing bonded with him immediately.

Levin met several people visiting local grassy areas such as the park in order to find location appropriate Pokémon.

Video: Chase Levin/YouTube

His raw enthusiasm for the game has drawn attention to the fact that people are actually going outside, exercising and interacting with other humans, and all because of an app.

On day two he had even more success finding people in his neighbourhood. Everyone loves it.

Video: Chase Levin/YouTube

Perhaps this is the start of a technological shift, where it enhances our social interactions instead of replacing them. We're evolving!

Even if not, this is one of the more pleasant unintended consequences of Pokémon Go.

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