Picture: sajadgharibii/Instagram
Picture: sajadgharibii/Instagram

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of muscle.

Or a lot of muscle.

At least that's according to 24-stone 24-year-old Iranian weight lifter Sajad Gharibi, who has volunteered to join the Iranian military forces fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad's troops against Isis.

What would Hulk look like if he wasn't green or angry, you ask? Gharibi must be the answer.

He's a power lifter, a boxer and a body builder.

According to the BBC, Gharibi 's Instagram page says he is a devout Muslim who wants to defend Shia sites against Isis.

His profile says:

Calming the heart and the life I have faith in God and his infallible Imams.

And it's not all smashy smashy for Gharibi: his other nicknames include "Iranian Hercules" - the Greek hero who fought against injustice.

We wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of him, put it that way.

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