Picture: Carto
Picture: Carto

Recently, the internet has been a little obsessed with the dimensions of certain celebrities' genitalia.

Once Orlando Bloom was snapped paddle boarding, with his organ censored but the shadow still very much describing the outline, amateur trigonometrists began their calculations to compare with Justin Bieber.

So, rather than focus on specific people, lets look at trends around the world.

Back in 2015, Mandatory compiled various sources to provide average measurments of penis sizes for countries around the world.

We've made them into a map, because that's obviously what needed to be done with this information.

To open the full size version click here (Picture: Carto)

The top ten are as follows:

  1. Congo 7.1
  2. Ecuador 6.9
  3. Ghana 6.8
  4. Colombia 6.7
  5. Venezuela 6.7
  6. Lebanon 6.6
  7. Bolivia 6.5
  8. Hungary 6.5
  9. Jamaica 6.4
  10. Panama 6.4

Out of the 80 countries, the UK ranks a slightly below average 54th.

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