The map that shows where British people smoke the most weed

It seems that the West Country is the cannabis capital of England and Wales.

Newly released findings from the 2015/16 government Crime Survey for England and Wales have found that 8.2 per cent of people in the South West have reported using marijuana in the past year

Picture: Carto/Louis Doré

London comes second with 7.2 per cent reporting, and the North West is a close third on 7.1 per cent.

Meanwhile, the capital takes the crown for cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine.

The latest survey found that 6.5 per cent of 16-59 year olds had used cannabis in the past year, while one in 12 had used an illicit drug.

Among 16-24 year olds this number was one in five.

Among cannabis users aged 16-59, 37 per cent were classed as frequent users.

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