The New York Times just launched an ad campaign with a message Donald Trump won't like at all

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Donald Trump’s constant attacks on the media seem like an everyday occurrence now.

It’s hard to imagine a time when tweets like this weren’t part of the political conversation.

So now The New York Timesa frequent target of Trump’s Fake News claims – are launching a striking new marketing campaign entitled ‘The Truth’

This spot will air during The Oscars - one of the biggest TV events of the year.

In simple black-on-white text, the ad rattles through a list of soundbites from all sides of the political spectrum, all beginning with ‘The truth is….’

The truth is alternative facts are lies.

The truth is the media is dishonest.

The truth is a woman should dress like a woman.

The truth is our nation is more divided than ever.

The truth is his refugee policy is a backdoor Muslim ban.

And so on.

It then ends on this powerful note:

The truth is hard.

The truth is hard to know.

The truth is hard to find.

The truth is more important than ever.

Trump’s constant calling out of the paper – often dubbing them ‘The Failing New York Times’ – seems to have actually benefited the publication, with 276,000 new digital news subscribers signing up in the final quarter of 2016.

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