French and British newspaper front pages in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks

France, a country still aching from the Charlie Hebdo attacks 10 months ago, woke up on Saturday morning to more carnage after Paris was rocked by a series of terror incidents last night.

The six incidents at a concert hall, stadium and several restaurants in the 10th and 11th arrondissements have left at least 120 people dead in the worst violence on French soil since the Second World War.

French media worked throughout the night to cover the unfolding events as many people were still trying to make contact with missing family and friends.

Le Figaro's front page laments the "the open war in Paris" and Courrier Picard mourns a "night of blood on the streets of Paris".

L'Equipe and Nice-Matin have used one simple word to convey the country's anguish: "Horror".

In the UK, later editions of Saturday's papers went to press as authorities were still trying to piece together the sequence of events. Several front pages previously focusing on the reported death of "Jihadi John" were updated to reflect the breaking news.

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