The NRA is sick of your baffling fear of guns

The NRA is sick of your baffling fear of guns

The National Rifle Association has released a new video to defend the practice of carrying guns in public.

In the video, a spokesman called Billy Johnson explains that there's been "a little bit of a dust-up" in his community about a "law-abiding citizen exercising his right to open carry".

Reassuringly, he says he won't go into the details "because they honestly don’t matter". Right.

Warning: This is not satire

Johnson says he is completely "baffled" by the public's opposition to the practice but says it probably has something to do with our "irrational, media-fed, hysterical fear of guns".

While maintaining a straight face throughout, Johnson finishes off by saying that gun owners have an "obligation, a calling even, to demystify guns".

As such he calls upon his audience to "introduce someone else to guns now. Not next year, now. Take a friend who has never shot a firearm to the range, bring a colleague to a gun show."

"Guns aren't scary, guns aren't cruel, guns aren't intimidating," explains Johnson. He also says that "guns are just bits of plastic and metal".

Those would be the same bits of plastic and metal that killed 12,000 people (approximately 32 per day) in the United States last year.

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