The public finally thinks the Conservatives are more divided than Labour

The EU referendum has taken centre stage among political headlines in recent weeks and YouGov research suggests it has mostly damaged the Tories.

The party, which was elected on a narrative of stability in counterpoint to Labour, has been overrun with in-fighting and unsubtle leadership bids in the campaign so far.

If we compare an old poll of YouGov's from November 2011... a YouGov survey of 1,705 British adults this month, we find that the Tories have overtaken Labour as the most divided party in the public's eye.

To be fair, this could be partly due to Labour's relative silence on the EU referendum, but it should be pointed out that the two parties' supporters surveyed other than Labour and Conservatives (Lib Dems and Ukip) both believe the Conservatives are currently the most divided party.

What have you done, Borisand co?

Picture: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images
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