Despite earning loads of money actors and directors can be sensitive souls when it comes to reviews, especially bad ones.

In the past, the likes of James Franco, Alec Baldwin and David Ayer have reacted badly to negative reviews of films or shows that they have worked on.

The Rock, though, is a different kind of celebrity.

His latest movie Skyscraper hasn't received the best reviews. It currently has a rotten rating of 52 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes as it has been branded as "disappointing" and a "Die-Hard rip off."

It's also worth pointing out that his character in this action thriller is disabled and has a prosthetic leg.

Rather than complaining about the bad reviews, The Rock opted to take to Twitter and share a review from the film critic Kristen Lopez, who suffers from a disability.

Kristen praised Skyscraper in her review for Slash Film for not making a narrative out of the lead character's disability or something that would benefit or hinder him. It's just who he is and isn't played for emotion like other movies are guilty of.

She also noted that Johnson's character "represents a marked improvement in representation. People with disabilities don’t want their disability to define them, and Will’s doesn’t define his character."

Kristen thanked Johnson for sharing the review in a separate Tweet.

People then started to thank The Rock and Kristen for promoting disabled inclusion in movies and an overall positive outlook.

Before this, The Rock announced in a video that he had joined the Ruderman Family Foundation, a Boston-based charity that is campaigning for a wider spread inclusion of disabled people in film and the entertainment industry.

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