The Sun newspaper has tried to take aim at Jeremy Corbyn by turning him into a chicken on the front page of their Thursday paper, in reference to a comment Boris Johnson made about him in PMQs.

Johnson called Corbyn a 'chlorinated chicken' after he refused to back calls for a general election in an attempt from the prime minister to try and end the Brexit chaos that is engulfing Westminster.

Corbyn's decision was reflected by the House of Commons when a vote for a snap election was defeated, making Johnson the first PM in history to lose their first three votes since coming to power.

This small fact didn't sway the Sun from trying to take a pop at Corbyn and crudely fashioned his face on to a rooster which was both terrifying and hardly the biggest story to come out of the Commons on Wednesday.

Reaction to the picture was that of confusion, horror and disgust.

However, once the initial outrage subsided, people were quick to notice something odd about the Sun's front cover in Scotland which was remarkably different.

Rather than Corbyn as a chicken, the Scottish Sun had a picture of Boris Johnson complete with the headline 'Floppy Johnson can't get an election.'

With such opposing covers, which told very different stories, Twitter users were more than prepared to call out the tabloid for sending mixed messages to their readers.

HT New Statesman

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