The time of the month when women are most likely to have great sex
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Researchers have been trying to determine the link between a woman’s menstrual cycle and her libido.

A number of studies have established a link between heightened libido and ovulation.

A University of Virginia investigation charted the hormonal changes in 115 women aged between 23 and 44. Each volunteer completed two surveys about their level of interest in sex and satisfaction in orgasms.

The women reported a spike in interest in sex, and more satisfying orgasms mid-cycle close to ovulation, in comparison to the beginning of their cycle.

According to the NHS, the most fertile time of the month for a woman is around ovulation.

In most women, ovulation happens around 10-16 days before the next period.

It would stand to reason that, as humans are also mammals, there might be a biological imperative to have sex during this time.

A separate study by the University of Arizona monitored the masturbation patterns of 147 heterosexual and 89 gay women throughout their menstrual cycles.

Researchers recorded the basal body temperature, which increases during sexual arousal.

Results found that the women’s’ BBTs were noticeably higher during or around the time of ovulation compared to the rest of the month.

So, when are women most likely to want to have sex?

First and foremost, whenever they want. Ultimately, the studies are not conclusive or exhaustive enough to provide a definitive answer.

A number of factors can also affect libido in both men and women - work-related stress, illness and pain.

But, it is likely, given the research already conducted, that women might be more partial to invitations of sex from a partner in the middle of their cycle, around the time of ovulation.

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